When I was at Digital Domain I discovered DUPExtract (when it was free) and it became an indispensable tool. Each place I have worked I used it extensively. Then I could not find it any longer, and the copy I had was gone due to a hard disc crash. I recently found this suite of tools, and I immediately made the purchase without hesitation. This suite of tools is way more valuable than the price you pay for it!
Customer Reviews
Mike Tiderington
The Core Group
Everyone in the CG industry keeps an eye open for those tools, big or small, that make our lives a little easier. TTools is one of those products. A very nice and diverse set of tools that fills the gaps in left by the main application. And if that isn't enough, customer and product support are first class. I almost never follow up on these surveys but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug what I think is a great product from a committed developer.
Yanni K.
Professional Game Developer
As a professional Maya artists, TTools makes my productivity so much better.  It helps me overcome some of the most tedious obstacles that I encounter in my everyday studio work pipeline.
Professional Artist
TTools allows me to focus much more effort on the creation process.  It provides an organized avenue to ease the complexity of any task, and over the years has become a cornerstone of my modeling pipeline.  Easily said, Maya without this shelf is a Maya I don't want to work in.
Matt Olson
Turtle Rock Studios
I've been using TTools for years and will continue to do so.  So many of them are great time savers.  I don't think my workflow would be as fast without these tools.  If I didn't have DUPExtract, AttachMaster, or MirrorPivot I would be lost in the woods.  Stop reading this and get them, GO!
Josh T.
Professional Game Developer
TTools has become an integrated part of my workflow in Maya.  The tools offer a wide variety of functionality in a tidy package.  I know that I'll feel at home in a new version of Maya as soon as I install the TTools shelf.
Professional Artist
Implementing TTools into my daily routine has improved my workflow immeasurably.  UVMaster allows me to have all that is needed for fast, reliable UV manipulation at my fingertips, and I don't know how I would get through modeling an asset without DUPExtract by my side.
Sean T.
Professional Game Developer
TTools distills down overly complex and frustrating tasks into simple, streamlined, and more effective versions of tools and workflows you are already familiar with.

Jeff D.
Professional Game Developer
Maya, not being my primary 3-D package, had proved a little challenging to use at times.  However, TTools provided fast and easy methods to achieve many common functions that felt like a struggle.

Randy Sharp
Professional Artist
Maya tools for the Professional


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